Hi I am Chris Panic, founding father of Panic Circus  …… well as being the ring monster to my Circus and a Punch and Judy man I have also always been a “maker”.


I made my first love spoon for a village Eisteddfod when I was 14 and have continued making them for most of the last 60 years .They have evolved away from the traditional into becoming a reflection of my feel for life and nature  …….every one is unique ,every piece of wood is different ,the wood I use is sourced from local hedges and woods . 
These are not tourist items, mass produced by cheap labour in Taiwan from tropical woods  …. these are carved by a mad old clown as his re creation ….. I see every one as a wee sculpture   …
They are very underpriced but this is not because I don’t value my work ….. but because if I didn’t sell them …I wouldn’t be motivated to make more. I  hope you like them.
I also make larger sculptures from recycled split oak fence posts that have already served a long life on the Cambrian mountains . These are inspired by votive sculptural offerings found at the sanctuary of Sequana near the source of the Seine, deposited there in the 1st Centaurus AD. I call them Celtic Guardians and they stand as garden sculptures .
I have always also made walking sticks and staffs from wood sourced from local hedges and coppices. The twisted “wizard staffs” are grown on our own land from ash trees planted with honeysuckle which binds the sapling creating the twisted effect. 3 legs are better than two ….. my grandad used to say!