I am a self taught Artist, born in Shropshire and have lived and worked for over thirty five years in the borderlands between Wales and England.


I don't remember a time when I have not been drawing - in fact, I can't not paint or draw. It's become part of my being, my expression of ideas and feelings. It's my way of looking at the world and translating everything I see, feel, touch and sense, into a visual image that evokes an emotion in the viewer.

My inspiration comes from spending hours amongst the hills and valleys close to home; collecting stones, shells, fossils, leaves, bits of old metal, twigs, berries and bones, and all things that glisten.

I am moved by seasonal shifts, and sources of light be it sunlight, moonshine, star glow and reflections.

In some of my recent works, I feel the need to evoke a sense of landscape of the mind and spirit; a sentient landscape. it's not just a linear landscape, but an attempt to capture a sense of awe. It's where the ancient, the past, the present, and even the future, are sensed within the now. Where time is mutable, and hopefully the onlooker becomes involved, and part of the telling of a story.

I prefer to work with inks, adding many under-and-over layers of watercolours creating a glow and a depth, to see beyond the paper.