Originally from Oxfordshire, I’ve been living in mid Wales since summer 2019, when I ‘retired’ from my day job. In retirement, I seem to be busier than ever; mostly looking after guests who visit our Shepherd’s Hut for short holiday breaks.


I’ve always loved crafting, and collecting bits and pieces which I could use creatively. Moving here has given me easy access to the beaches of West Wales, so I now regularly beach comb for driftwood, sea glass, and other interesting bits and pieces I can use in my crafting. I was first encouraged to ‘have a go’ at pottery by my potter husband, and since there was clay and a kiln there, it would have been rude not to. I loved it from that very first go, and have been playing with clay ever since.


I also play with wood, paints, wire, marbles, fabrics and ribbons. And much more.